Persuasive essay about social media creates isolation

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This was one of the most interesting cases in my opinion, which we have so far learned about. It was amazing to me first of all how a person could go undetected in those conditions for that amount of time. It was also extremely mind boggling how people could treat their own child like that, which really made me wonder the type of morals and views that those parents were brought up with. It made me extremely sad to realize all of the wonders of life that Genie was deprived of. She had been locked.

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Social media creates a dopamine-driven feedback loop to condition young adults to stay online, stripping them of important social skills and further keeping them on social media, leading them to feel socially isolated. In this interview, Palihapitiya talks about his experience working at the social media juggernaut, Facebook. It only marginally covers the topic at hand since the interview as a whole is directed towards business students, but when the topic is brought up, Palihapitiya explains the correlation between social media and social isolation. However, Palihapitiya mentions he has not used social media in so long, therefore he does not realize how many people may use them solely to communicate with loved ones in times of need, to expand their business or to connect with others.

Graham Jones

Change is a very subjective process. It differs from person to person according to the difference in their perspective towards life and living. Life, as a whole, revolves around its temporarily; the constant change that sets it within certain limits of functioning. The evolution and advancement that came through the ages in the fields of industry and technology is nothing less than laudable.
Graham Jones. Is our dependence on social media networks positive for our health, though, or is there a case to be made that over use of social media creates damaging levels of social isolation? Or are there more positive appeals to being connected to social media, in the sense of the community values and productivity it encourages? Isolation Perhaps the strongest criticism that can be made of social media networks is that they deprive us of human interaction, and create virtual substitutes that still maintain emotional distance.

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