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Title page Front page, includes title, name, date, lab course number and TA name Abstract that includes the research question, your hypothesis and any preliminary results that are gained from your specific aims. Brief Introduction. Experimental Approach Methodology Resources required for the study, including budget if applicableExpected Results and preliminary results here you can communicate the ongoing progress of your forward genetic screen. Data Interpretation — if applicable statistical planning must be fully addressed, or you should provide evidence that statistics are not required. Timetable for completion of the projectReferencesAppendix- can add figures here. Though you will be given the same mutant in your group, the proposal paper and write up will be individual.

Ageing with elegans: a research proposal to map healthspan pathways

The perfect C. elegans project: an initial report

How animals regulate growth, development and behaviors in response to changes in nutrient availability and metabolic status is a fundamental biological problem that is closely related to human diseases and health. While major advances have been made over the last decade in understanding TOR, insulin receptor and other signaling systems that sense the levels of sugar and amino acids to control various cellular and physiological functions, the study of the mechanisms by which cells and animals respond to changes in nucleotide levels to regulate development and other physiological functions is lacking, even though nucleotide levels have been shown to impact several cellular processes including cancer progression and certain human disorders. The goal of this proposal is to discover and analyze the mechanism of such a nucleotide-responsive regulatory system. By using genes involved in nucleotide metabolism in both sthe worm and its food source E. By connecting nucleotide availability to developmental programs and metabolism, the results from these studies will likely present an important conceptual advance in the fields of nucleotide metabolism, development and nutritional science. Such findings may also provoke others to evaluate the impact of nucleotide quality in food or nutritional supplements on human health, especially for those with genetic risks for certain metabolic diseases. How animals regulate growth and development in response to changes in nucleotide levels is an important but grossly under-explored biological problem related to human health problems, including cancers.

The perfect C. elegans project: an initial report

Figure C. Major anatomical features of a hermaphrodite A and male B viewed laterally. Modified from Corsi et al. As with most of the other model organisms considered here C.
Researchers working with tiny worms called Caenorhabditis elegans —a common lab organism used to study basic principles of biology—know not to raise the temperature above about 80 degrees Fahrenheit because the worms start to die. Yet some populations of C. Get more HMS news here. The worms belong to the same species, so why do they have such different tolerances to heat?

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